Ron White

I have often described the sport of memory as something similar to learning a new language. I have pictures for every number from 1-1000. I essentially memorized them through route memorization. It would be equivalent of learning 1000 new words in a new language and that is exactly what it is! The language of memory….

Ben Pridmore has memorize 2700 different pictures for every pair of two playing cards and this enables him to memorize 2 cards at a time (actually he does six and you can find out more about that when we talk about card memory). What Ben has done is learn a new language! This effort alone even without applying it to actually memorizing a deck of cards has improved Ben’s memory because it was exercise to memorize those pictures.

Exercise your memory by learning a new language or expanding your vocabulary. If you always find yourself reading the sports page flip over to the business section for the new terms and words. Learning new words or another language not only give you’re the benefit of learning the new language but it also exercises your brain!