Ron White shares his thoughts on lessons Albert Einstein had to teach.

Few people will ever accomplish all that Albert Einstein did in his lifetime. Past all his accomplishments, however, is the mark he made as a man and a humanitarian. While his mind had him fixated on the universe, his feet were planted firmly on the ground.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein

You can not help but be in awe of the brilliance of his scientific mind, yet Albert Einstein ‘the man’ possessed qualities that made him a stellar human being as well. His approach to problems and ideas can definitely benefit by anyone who has the desire to succeed – in business and in life.

It may have been due to his Jewish heritage and growing up in hate-filled Germany prior to World War II that caused Einstein to become a pacifist.  Perhaps it simply was that he saw war as the most inhumane thing one man can do to another. “He who cherishes the value of culture can not fail to be a pacifist,” he is quoted as saying.

His idea of pacifism was to work toward a meeting of the minds, not through combat, to achieve peace, yet he understood human nature and that “As long as there are men there will be wars.” He also knew the value of getting involved, and that the quality of life depends on people becoming active in the political process by any means they feel comfortable. In other words, although in his heart Einstein wanted to remain a pacifist, he knew the only way to make changes in the world was to get involved.

He informed President Franklin D. Roosevelt that the Germans were developing an atomic bomb, so helped the United States to develop one of their own. Einstein himself was instrumental in bringing many scientists and Jews to American to get away from the Nazi regime and get them jobs with American universities. It would be a different world if strong leaders such as Einstein had not taken a stand against oppression!

His compassion encompassed everyone. He felt every living being was worthy of the same respect, regardless of whether they could benefit him or not. He had no need to use his ‘celebrity” status to get special treatment, and abhorred this trait in others. No person was “better” than another, and Einstein treated everyone equally.

Not feeling the need to dominate a conversation to prove his intellect, Einstein was as great a listener as he was a brilliant communicator. He had no need to prove his IQ by talking over people’s heads. He spoke on the level of the people to whom he was speaking in order to educate them. When he spoke on subjects that were too complicated for most laymen, and given the type of work he was concentrating on that would not be unusual, he had the gift to break things down into examples that the simplest person in the room could understand, without being condescending.

If a man as great as Albert Einstein was able to leave ego out of his life, and see the need in others who were not as brilliant to understand what he was trying to accomplish, it should go without saying that successful men are the ones who are excellent listeners and communicators, and have empathy for those in whom they come in contact.

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