Life Is A Game Of MO

Two-time USA Memory Champion; Ron White would like to share with you some lessons on building momentum.

My friend T.C. Cummings, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, refers to discipline and the use of momentum in our lives as ‘Life is a game of MO’. The MO is for momentum. Every time we exert ourselves to move forward we are using momentum. When we get off the couch to play ball with our kids, or give the dog a bath, or handle a sales meeting we are exerting momentum. The only time momentum is not taking place is if we are static – sitting on the couch watching TV, sleeping in, or taking a nap in the outside swing.

With momentum pushing you it actually feeds your discipline. Once you get started on a project, or begin to do something that you have been putting off, you are disciplining yourself to keep on going. Once you get going it is actually difficult to change course. Do you often take a while to get around to a chore you hate but find that once you started you don’t want to stop until you’re done? You are utilizing Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion: ‘A body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to stay in motion in the same direction, unless acted upon by an outside force.’ To move a resting body, or to stop a moving body, you need an external action called a “force.”  Inertia is the tendency for a body to remain at rest or, once moving, to remain in motion. The inertia of a body is related to its mass. Bodies that are more massive possess greater inertia than bodies with less mass.

Take an oil tanker as an example. The tanker is very large, and while plowing through waves it has to have a great deal of momentum to keep on course. Reversing that momentum, or changing direction, is not as easy. Once you have started to go in a certain direction it is difficult to change course. It may take a little time to make the turn, but it is possible. In life, when we are on a certain course and disciplined to keep the momentum going, changes in the course become possible, but difficult.

My friend T.C. Cummings used the Navy SEALs as an analogy. When SEALs have the opportunity to take some time off the first day may be a welcome relief, but by the third day they are getting ‘antsy’ and feel the need to get back into their routine, or momentum. SEALs are constantly moving – packing for a mission or exercise, running, swimming, training, etc. They are used to activity and momentum. It is as natural to them as breathing. When that momentum is stopped, even for a couple days, is it foreign to them.

‘Momentum is when life becomes easy, almost effortless. Creating vision, empowering behaviors and habits, taking daily action, and being in the moment allows you to experience momentum in life.’

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