Lesson 1: Crafting a talk that audiences will pay for

Lesson 2: How to engage your audience from sentence one

Lesson 3: What never to do as a speaker that everyone thinks works and doesn’t.

Lesson 4: How to find talks so you never have to wonder when your next talk is

Lesson 5: The art of building a business on referrals

Lesson 6: What you should never do with a book (until you are getting $15,000 fees)

Lesson 7: Why you should have a book

Lesson 8: How to craft an online course to triple your income

Lesson 9: Selling from stage with low key non pressure skills

Lesson 10: How to craft the handouts you leave on the tables and why

Lesson 11: Biggest ways to maximize your income

Lesson 12: Delivering a polished, confident, comfortable talk without forgetting a point

Lesson 13: Easily memorize 10-20 names in audience before your talk so you have people to call on and already have rapport

Lesson 14: The 7 keys to a million dollar speaking business

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