There is no way to avoid aging, but we can find ways to stop our brains from showing the effects. What scientists call “age-related cognitive decline (ARCD)” is a mild deterioration in our memory, the loss of ability to perform simple daily tasks, and the slowing down of our mental process.

Causes of this decline are still unknown, but research has found that certain conditions will definitely add to the decline – such as high blood pressure, metabolic disorders, smoking, lack of physical activity and lack of mental challenges will accelerate the decline of memory. Research also indicated that the proper diet can help to fight off Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and mental decline.

People who live around the Mediterranean Sea eat a diet that is high in fish and olive oil. This diet seems to be what saves them from memory loss and decline in age-related diseases that affect millions of others around the world. This is just added proof that not all fat is bad for you, and the right kind of diet can help to fight off Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

High levels of saturated fats and cholesterol-laden foods, were the staple of diets in the middle ages and are still what the majority of poor people eat because it cheaper than other foods. Unfortunately, this type of diet led to degenerative diseases like diabetes, and shorter life spans. Diets of the people who lived along the shoreline, even poor families, that consisted of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, like those found in salmon and tuna, have just the opposite effect.

As we age it becomes even more important to concentrate on our diets. If we follow the science we see that a “Mediterranean Diet,” one that is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, like omega3 fish oils, may decrease the rate of memory loss as well as increase the flow of blood in our arteries – and to our brains.

In a Dutch study that was conducted over a period of five years, and published in the Journal of Neurology, 1613 middle-aged men and women were studied. Those who consumed high amounts of cholesterol rich food had elevated rates of mental decline along with loss in body flexibility and slower reactions. While those who ate lots of fish had a lower rate of memory loss.  The researchers concluded that diet plays a significant part in cardiovascular disease and the development of a variety of neurodegenerative and dementia disorders. 

Another study of 278 people ages 65-84 from Casamassima, a rural southern part of Italy reveals that a diet high in monounsaturated fats can improve memory and cognitive function. Subjects in the study consumed 33% of their total intake in fat, but the fat was from fish and olive oil. Their cognitive functions were better than average, and they had low levels of memory loss and mental decline.

This is Ron White, two-time USA Memory Champion , memory training expert, and memory keynote speaker, and from this study we can see that proper nutrition and exercise, along with memory training classes, and learning good memory techniques, will help to stimulate the brain and fight off dementia – and it doesn’t hurt to eat a good Mediterranean diet.




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