As a veteran of the U.S. Military myself, and a veteran of Afghanistan, I am passionate about helping those in the military improve their conditions. One way I can continue to help my fellow veterans and soldiers is to show you how to use the same memory techniques I use to remember a deck of cards; how I can remember the names of everyone in a crowded room; and how I came to become a two-time U.S. Memory Champion.

I am the one on the right! ha! 🙂

If you are thinking about taking any military exam – whether it’s for military school, for enlistment, or for advancement purposes – taking a memory course will be extremely beneficial to you. They will help you to improve your memory, reduce stress that leads to test anxiety, and allow you to process much more information than you ever thought possible, and definitely will help to improve your self-esteem.

Wouldn’t you want to memorize all the intel you can on weapons platforms of both friendly and enemy forces? Imagine how important that information can be! It will help you to increase rank because what you know can be invaluable to your unit. Imagine being able to give a military briefing without having notes in front of you, or becoming an expert on any subject matter in 1/3 the normal time.

Memory training can help you become a better soldier, as well as more confident in all areas of your life.

Research released in the journal Science shows working memory training releases the neurotransmitter dopamine to specific brain regions to enhances memory performance. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is essential in the control of the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. It helps to regulate our emotional responses and physical movements. Our working memory is the part of our brain that actively holds information, and is needed for complex tasks such as comprehension (understanding), reasoning and learning. It also controls our ability to pay attention, short-term memory and the ability to retrieve information from our long-term memory.

Memory training will help you to stay focused, control your emotions, and help to make decisions that can affect your performance, as well as help you to become a leader. It is not simply training to improve your memory. All these functions work together to build your overall brain performance to it’s optimum level. When you add the physical training (PT) you get in the military, which increases the blood flow to the brain, you are in a position to become a leader in all walks of life.

This is Ron White, two-time USA Memory Champion , memory training expert, and memory keynote speaker. If you are planning on taking a military exam I have a useful memory tool that will help you. My CD, How to Ace Any U.S. Military Exam has been extremely useful for cadets and soldiers planning to up your rank and improve your military career. I am proud to be an American, proud to have served in the U.S. military, and proud to be able to share this product with you. I look forward to hearing from you.



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