ron-competition-35Competing in memory competitions is very exciting for me. Every year in March Tony Dottino hosts the USA Memory Championship in New York City. I first competed in this tournament in 2008 after returning from my deployment to Afghanistan (I was a reservist). I first won the tournament March 7, 2009 and set two national records in the process. I memorized a deck of cards in 1 minute and 27 seconds and a 167 digit number in 5 minutes, both were new national records. Scott Hagwood is considered to be the ‘New York Yankees’ of the memory sport in the USA. He won the event four consecutive years.

I am currently the two time national memory champion having won in 2009 and 2010. I currently hold the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA.

Below is a video of me memorizing a deck of cards at the World Memory Championship November 2009

Every year there is also a World Memory Championship that was first started by Tony Buzan. This event consists of ten different events. The ten events are:

  • 1 hour to memorize a string of numbers
  • 5 minutes to memorize a string of numbers
  • 15 minutes to memorize names and face
  • 5 minutes to memorize abstract images
  • 15 minutes to memorize words
  • 30 minutes to memorize binary numbers
  • Spoken number – digits are spoken 1 every 1 second
  • 1 hour to memorize decks of cards
  • Speed cards – each contestant memorizes a deck of cards as fast as possible
  • 15 minutes to memorize fictional historic dates

Video of the spoken numbers event below. How many can you memorize?

At the World Championship I memorized a 630 digit binary number in 30 minutes and an 800 digit number in 1 hour. I also beat my personal best and memorized a 169 digit number in 5 minutes. Ben Pridmore won the 2009 World Memory Championship and has been a dominating force in the sport for the last several years. Dominic O’Brien, however, is an 8 time World Memory Champion and an icon in the sport.

Below is a video of me discussing these events at the World Memory Championship 2009

2010 USA Memory Championship the final round. I WON! As the video starts Nelson Dellis is eliminated and then it is between Ram Kolli and me.


The above photo is the 2010 USA Memory Championship as I memorized 100 names and faces in 15 minutes

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2010 USA Memory Champinship – Clearing mind and focusing for event…….

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