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Ron White the National Memory Champion is a big proponent of Omega 3.  Enjoy this articles explanation…

If you suffer from memory loss or attention deficit, there may be a simple and natural solution to provide your brain with the food it needs to reverse these affects and to put you on the road to remembering items that seem to have escaped your thoughts the past few years.

It’s been discovered that Omega 3 is also essential during pregnancy. As the baby develops, it will drain fat from the mother. It can reduce the mother’s brain by ½ its fat supply. If the mother does not replenish her Omega 3 during pregnancy, there is a high risk of postpartum depression and it can take up to 4 years to rebuild the fat needed in the brain.

On a daily basis we hear of children and adults with ADD. More and more women are now suffering from memory loss as they reach their middle years. There have been countless studies that have shown that memory loss is no longer a “Senior Moment” but is happening more to high school and college students at a growing rate. Many people started experiencing memory loss in their mid 30’s and worsens as they start to get towards the menopause.

Many people have recently realized due to the notoriety and press provided to the public, many have found that by simply taking an Omega 3 supplement on a daily basis, many became as sharp as they were when they had been in their 20s.

The good news is that many see these results after a few months. There is no expensive programs to join or potions to mix, just go down to your local health food store and speak to you doctor and I am sure you will noticed results within a few months.

It is important to use an Omega 3 product that is highly refined and does not require refrigeration. It should have no after taste and be in capsule form to allow for easy swallowing for adults and children.

These results people are experiencing after a few months continue to improve even years after they started the supplement regiment.

Omega 3 is the brain food of champions.

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