Memory in a Month Success Story

I developed my Memory in a Month program system when I was 25 years old and homeless! Yes, I was REALLY homeless! I was bouncing around sleeping in friend’s spare bedrooms typing away on my computer. Now over 13 years later, I am getting emails from AROUND THE WORLD telling me how much they are enjoying my program! Wow!!! Beyond satisfying and love hearing the results people are getting with Memory in a Month!

Here is a review I received from London:

From: Ad Pergande
Sent: Sun 2/20/11 5:34 AM
To: Ron White

Dear Ron

I have just successfully completed your Memory In A Month course and I just wanted to e-mail you to say thank you very much for designing
and sharing this amazing program. I have really enjoyed it and I can really feel the differences and see the benefits.

Before I started this course, my memory was average. I was able to memorize lines and scripts, but using your methods, I am now able to learn everything 10 TIMES THE SPEED!!
I have implemented and used techniques such as filing things to my skeleton files for to-do lists, memorized 100 objects forwards, backwards and by numeric order, memorize 20-digit numbers.. ( I am currently trying to do 50) and my friends are truly amazed by your techniques. I have just started watching the membership videos to learn the “memorize a deck of cards!”

Your course set clear goals and promised that if you worked hard, you will achieve.. and well, I am glad to have stuck with it and seen the fantastic results!

Once again, thank you Ronnie for teaching me this fantastic system and if I ever come to America,
I hope to meet you and I will most definitely try to come to one of your workshops and share my experiences with you.

Kindest regards and warm thanks.

London, United Kingdom.

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