It is always nice to get emails from people who are enjoying my memory training program, Memory in a Month, and take the time to give me a review. It makes me feel good to get the review. Here is an email that I just received :

From: Matthew Carlson
Sent: Thu 8/18/11 11:41 AM
To: ronnie white

Thanks Ronnie,
I recently purchased all of your products from the success store – Except the military program.  I was spending soo much time memorizing scripts, and closes for my sales career.  I just got through with Day 11, of Memory in a month last night, and this morning I memorized a 1 page close in about 30min.  Usually it would take me about a week to get a good close memorized, and the process I used before was boring.  Now it seems more fun and enjoyable.  I just wanted to thank you.

After I finish the memory training, my plan is to start the speed reading course.  Is it similar to the Evelyn Woods course?


Isn’t that COOL to get a review like that! This program just cut down his study time by a week! WOW!!

If you would like to invest in the same memory training program as Matthew you can get it at – memory training system.