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Ron White Memory Expert and USA Memory Champion recommends this game!

Okay, I have won memory tournaments but I after this I am wondering if there are jigsaw tournaments. This was an awesome online game!

Now this is FUN and addicting! I do believe that working a jigsaw puzzle can help exercise your brain.

I haven’t worked a puzzle in years but once I got the hang of this it was addicting 🙂

My time working this jigsaw puzzle was a little over 9 minutes and that was longer than the average. But since it was the first puzzle I have worked in years I just enjoyed the puzzle!

So if you want to improve your memory the best thing that you can do is get a good memory training course, however, keeping your brain active and working puzzles is also a great place to start if you have an otherwise inactive brain. A person who is going to school or has a mentally intensive job most likely doesn’t need to go out of their way as much to keep their brain active as a person who is retired or does not have a mentally challenging job.

I have never once worked a Suduko game but I also know that this is a popular game of many who like to exercise their brain. Other great games are crossword puzzles or trivia.

For now I suggest that you work this jigsaw puzzle as a great brain exercise and have some fun! There are features on the webpage where you can even upload your own images for the jigsaw puzzle. Now that has to be fun 🙂

The important thing is to keep your brain active. So work this puzzle and see if you can stop after just one brain jigsaw puzzle game!