I have been teaching memory training seminars for TWENTY YEARS!! Every now and then I get a success story like this that gives me the motivation I need to keep going and spreading the word!

Recently I received an email from a woman who had my Memory in a Month CD album and was studying for the bar exam. She had some specific questions on how to apply my program to the bar exam. I told her that we should have a phone call and let me record it to create a product for others who are studying for the bar exam. She agreed and we had an hour plus phone call and I gave memory tips for the bar exam.

I created a CD album from it called How to Memorize the Bar Exam so I benefited and she benefited because she received a coaching session at no charge. Since then sales of my bar exam CD have taken off and that was good enough of a reward for me. But then not long ago I received this email that she had passed and it put such a big grin on my face I had to share!!

From: Tracy Legaspi
Sent: Thu 11/11/10 2:06 PM
To: ronnie white

Hi Ron,

Hope all is well with you! It has been months since we talked and you helped me with memory advice and tips to pass my bar exam.  Well, I just got the results and I PASSED!!!
I cannot thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy schedule and for all your help!
Thank you again!

Tracy Legaspi


If you would like to get the CD recording of my phone call with Tracy so you to can pass the bar exam or at least help your studying for the bar exam click this bar exam link