Neuroscientists are now actually delving into the idea that all people may in fact possess some type of phychic ability. A current study underway in the United Kingdom, at the University of Northampton, has found indications that up to 85% of their subjects possess some type of clairvoyance – “remote viewing” skills. According to their research, It is through these viewings a subject can actually see things that are taking place in a remote place.

The term “remote viewing” is used as a synonym for clairvoyance, but remote viewing actually goes beyond the ability of a clairvoyant, where they look at things in the future. A remote viewer reaches into the fourth dimension – time.

Stanford Research Institute (SRI) has been carrying out secret psychic investigations using remote viewing for 20 years, checking into “our ability to experience and describe distant events blocked from ordinary perception.” This research was supported by the CIA, NASA and many other government organizations, and was used for gathering intelligence about world-wide targets including China, the USSR, and Iran, during the Cold War. Renowned psychic Uri Geller was used in some of their experiments.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, there are many who do, and the idea is not new. Remote viewing has been used by the military in many parts of the world, including the United States, Germany and Russia.

Adolph Hitler held a private session with clairvoyant Erik Jan Hanussen on January 30, 1933 at the Hotel Kaiserhof in Berlin. Hitler was a real believer in the occult, and a fan and follower of Hanussen, touted as the “Vienna-born con man/celebrity” who claimed to have the ability to forsee the future. Hanussen had predicted Hitler’s swift ascent to power just months earlier. “I see victory for you,” Hanussen said. “It cannot be stopped.”

Hanussen cashed in on the German citizens love of the paranormal, so was extremely popular throughout the country – ranked right up there with Harry Houdini.  Ironically, Hanussen was also a Jew. Hitler seemed to ignore his heritage in order to utilize his talents. With his access to the Furer and his friends, Hanussen was able to supply the allies with enough information to bring down the Third Reich. The Germans executed him when they found out he was a spy.

Psychics and clairvoyants have been used throughout history to guide leaders and participae in spy operations.

Joan of Arc mapped out a course of war for France by utilized her gifts of premonitions.

Prior to his death, well-known Russian scholar and co-author of the  “Great Soviet Encyclopedia,” Professor Alexander Spirkin, revealed that he was the head of a secret lab for the Soviet government, working closely with clairvoyants to carry out special missions for the Kremlin. He admitted that the KGB employed them to spy on their enemies. This claim was confirmed in a popular Russian tabloid, Komsomolskaya Pravda.

American authors Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder published a book called “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain” in 1970 that documented the recruitment of psychics, clairvoyants and others involved in paranormal activities to work in espionage and counter-intelligence.

During the Cold War America and Western cultures were exploring the paranormal, and the scientific community was at least opening up to the idea that these things were possible. The military was expecially interested in exploring the possibilities for use in counterespionage. Because they were afraid the Russians would be learning some of our secrets the Pentagon launched its own branch of psychic intelligence within the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command (INSOM). Lead by engineer Hal Puthoff out of Fort Meade, Maryland, Puthoff recruited a team of “remote viewers,” and their work came to be known as the “Stargate Project.”

It is believed, and many facts have been found to back this up, that in some cases, the “remote viewers” had the power to influence and inspire future events in the lives of the people they investigated. One example involved one of the sensitives in the Stargate Project, Ken Bell. Bell was able to get inside the mind of a KGB agent through remote viewing and plant the idea in his brain that his family in the Soviet Union missed him and wanted him to return. Once the Russian dropped his mental defenses, Bell was able to get him to reveal valuable information.

Remote viewers have been credited with finding lost or stolen weapons between 1979 until 1995. They located a Soviet Typhoon-class submarine under construction; and found biological and nuclear material for weapons in North Korea.

President Clinton terminated the program, after much debate.

Jessica Utts, a professor at the University of California, wrote in The Journal of Parapsychology concerning the Stargate project: “The statistical results of the studies examined are far beyond what is expected by chance.” According to Utts, the remote viewers were accurate “around 15 percent of the time.”

Reporters from  WorldNet Daily , after months of searching were able to track down and interview Michelle Heaton, a remote viewer who worked on Stargate. “Of course, psychics are used by the police all the time, but that doesn’t create quite the furor of the Stargate Project.,” Heaton said. “Every year, top U.S. corporations like NASA and the U.S. Army spend almost $10 billion on New Age-type seminars. So it’s a growth field,” she added. “My involvement with Stargate came in the 1980s.”

Heaton said she engaged in remote viewing in the Middle East, Southern Africa, Eastern Europe, China, Russia and North Korea. Referring to North Korea, she said, “They are one nation that really scares me. They really are puppets of the Russians and China in many ways. They loathe Japan and God knows what they are capable of. I just have this gut feeling that within a short time Uncle Sam is going to need remote viewers to once again carry out psychic missions vital to our national security interests.”

Retired U.S. Army Gen. Albion Knight, Jr., said, “The Stargate project is an edge around mind control — about which the Russians and the Chinese are experts.” He added, “Journalists should keep digging into this topic. If used effectively, mind control could eliminate the loss of lives and destruction caused by war.”



About the author:

Ron White is a two-time U.S.A. Memory Champion and memory training expert. As a memory keynote speaker he travels the world to speak before large groups or small company seminars, demonstrating his memory skills and teaching others how to improve their memory, and how important a good memory is in all phases of your life.



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