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Boost Your Memory With Binaural Beats


It seems the world is getting smaller, but our stress levels are getting higher. We now are not limited to working a regular job schedule, we can take our work home. We are bombarded with requests from social networks to engage ourselves in online interactive games, and we carry devices along with us everywhere that [...]

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Are Binaural Beats Digital Drugs?


Binaural beats, quite simply, are audio sounds that are played at a slightly different tone for each ear (binaural means “both ears”). The two low frequencies synchronize in the brain to form a “beat.” You can produce beats by playing two different pure tones through loudspeakers, but the best way to get the effect is through stereo headphones.. The result is a calming effect that comes over you as you sink deeper into relaxation.

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Learn to Reduce Stress With Binaural Beats


What are binaural beats? Binaural beats are simply audio tracks that help you to move into a state of relaxation by acting on your brainwaves. Your brainwaves can naturally cause chemical reactions in your body that bring about a state of relaxation.

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