Your Brain on a Treadmill


The best brain exercises you can do for yourself is to get off that couch and work out. You probably haven’t thought of real exercise, where you get on a treadmill or work out at the gym as brain exercises, but you should start now. There are so many risk factors that can wreak havoc [...]

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Understanding an Adolescent’s Brain


With all the chemical changes going through the bodies of adolescents – chemical, physical and neurological, it’s not wonder they are in a constant state of confusion. It’s a difficult time for both children and parents – ask anyone who has ever had to experience it. The good news is, in a few years it [...]

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Who Is Most Likely To Be Brainwashed?


American POWs were reportedly brainwashed by their Korean and Chinese captors during the Korean War. They were put through extreme conditions, including torture, and their bodies were weakened from malnutrition and sleep deprivation. Several prisoners were not able to handle to strain and confessed to waging germ warfare, even though they did not. At the [...]

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The Brain is What Makes Us Self-Conscious?


In a study published in the April 28, 2011 journal of Neuron, cognitive scientists at the University of California, San Francisco, and U.C. Berkeley identified a brain region called the temporo-parietal junction (TPJ) as critical for establishing one’s particular place in space and perception of themselves (What is my place in the world?) There is [...]

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Music Feeds Your Soul – And Builds Your Brain


Considerable research is available, done by archeologists, psychologists, neurogists and all sorts of “ists” to support that fact that music plays a key role in our lives and our ability to communicate. Many believe that the ability to communicate through music came before the ability to communicate through speech. Language and music share the same [...]

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Get Better Sleep For a Better Brain


The National Institutes of Health reports that there could be 50 to 70 million Americans experiencing some form of sleep disorder that could “significantly diminish” health, safety and alertness. The disorder could take the form of too much sleep, too little sleep, sleep apnea, or a poor quality of sleep. The downside is that this [...]

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Fluid Intelligence Aids in Elevating IQ


Some scientists believe that fluid intelligence doesn’t have anything to do with IQ or being “book smart” and more to do with the ability to look at information previously accepted as reality and searching for different answers. Some would use the ‘politically correct’ term “thinking outside the box.” Static intelligence is just the opposite, the [...]

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Large Area of Brain Could Distinguish Between Real and Imagined Memories


Researchers from Cambridge University believe they have found an area of the brain, the paracingulate sulcus or PCS, that could be the variation that would account for real or imagined memories. The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, found that people with a larger PCS were better at distinguishing between real and imagined memories. [...]

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Single Brain Cell Found To Hold Memory


Individual neurons (nerve cells) appear to hold on to memory for a fleeting moment, according to a recent study. This information is contrary to what researchers have previously found. Popular thinking is that memories are created by brain cells work together to form connections. "It's more like RAM [random access memory] on a computer than [...]

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How Does Your Brain Process 3D?


Watching a movie in three-dimensions (3D) is pretty exciting, and it certainly makes the movie come to life, but don’t you wonder how our eyes and our brains process information when looking at the screen? In order to understand how a 3D image is processed you need to understand how 3D works. Your eyes only [...]

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