Brain Cancer

Increasing Mental Function After Brain Cancer


Malignant cancer cells grow to form tumors. Tumors interfere with brain functions, like language difficulty, muscle control, concentration, slower reactions and weakened problem-solving abilities. Simple things like remembering names and faces, walking and setting a table can be challenging at the beginning for someone who has suffered through brain cancer and treatments that arise from [...]

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Cognitive Retraining After Brain Cancer


After someone undergoes brain surgery there is bound to be some residual damage. You can’t go poking around any part of the body without at least a little swelling. Brain surgery for cancer involves more than just a little poke, and the residual damage usually requires more than just time for the swelling to go [...]

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Breaking Through the Blood-Brain Barrier


Once of the biggest dilemmas in neuroscience may just have been solved with an amazing breakthrough by a group of researchers at Cornell University – finding the way to get past the blood-brain barrier. For over 100 years scientists have been trying to get past the guards that block entry to the brain cells so [...]

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Brain Stem Cells Restore Memory


Radiation therapy utilizes high-energy radiation to shrink and kill cancer cells, but it may be doing much damage to the brain. Although radiation therapy has been the standard of care for patients with brain cancer, it can have severe and devastating side effects such functional learning and memory loss that is progressive, debilitating, and adversely [...]

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Proton Therapy More Non-Invasive For Brain Cancer


The brain is your command center. It sends signals to all parts of your body on how to work, how to understand what you see and hear, and stores your memories. So, if damage is done to the brain – through traumatic injury or cancer, the brain is not able to complete the commands. When a person has brain cancer there are several common treatments available: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or a combination of both (Avoiding treatment is not recommended). Another alternative, that is not as common and non-invasive, is “Proton Therapy.”

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