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Deep Electrical Stimulation Could Increase Brain Cells


An animal study published in the September 21st (2011) edition of the Journal of Neuroscience, has some positive results that could help in understanding how the brain processes memory, and could lead to development of treatment of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. Researchers at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) have found that stimulating a specific [...]

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Amazing Value Found in Coconut Oil


Modern scientists are often skeptical of what they call “homeopathic” or old-fashioned medicine that has been practices by natives and older cultures for thousands of years. In recent years, however, they are beginning to see the value brought by some of these medicines and are actually beginning to take them seriously enough to do some [...]

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ADHD Could Be An Offshoot of Gluten Sensitivity


It may sound strange to find that a grain you eat, and found in most of your food in some form or another, can have a negative effect on a brain function, but it can happen.  Research has found that gluten sensitivity could be at the root of many neurological and psychiatric conditions, including attention [...]

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Brain Neuro-Circuit Created in 3D


Your brain is a complex organism, full of millions of different circuits and channels. These circuits are tangled, interconnected, and can be modified through a number of different chemicals, enzymes and other outside sources. They make your computer, and even the most technical pieces of equipment, seem like baby toys in comparison. Harvard Medical School's [...]

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