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Premature Birth and Brain Development


The human brain grows at an incredible rate during development. It may surprise you to know it adds 250,000 neurons every minute. When born, an infant has nearly all the neurons you will have, even though the brain continues to grow for a few additional years after birth, and by the child reaches two years [...]

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The Placenta Shapes Brain Development


Although the placenta is only part of the human development for a brief nine months, it is an under appreciated and necessary part of the process. The blood vessels in the placenta, which appear to resemble tree roots, deliver essential oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the baby. Scientists are finding that the placenta [...]

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Can Fluoride in Our Water Cause Problems in Brain Development?


There is a growing controversy throughout the United States and Canada that fluoride in our water supplies can cause brain development and lowering of our intelligence. Quite a few studies have indicated that higher levels of fluoride exposure can cause problems in brain development, but there currently are no definitive indications that the levels in [...]

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Understanding an Adolescent’s Brain


With all the chemical changes going through the bodies of adolescents – chemical, physical and neurological, it’s not wonder they are in a constant state of confusion. It’s a difficult time for both children and parents – ask anyone who has ever had to experience it. The good news is, in a few years it [...]

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Epigenetics and Brain Development


Hello, I’m Ron White – memory-training expert, memory keynote speaker and two-time US Memory Champion. I’d like to share my thoughts with you on epigenetics and brain development. Epigenetics is the study of our genes – what we inherit from our ancestors (our DNA), and how they can change due to environment and other outside [...]

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