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Neurofeedback Can Free Your Brain


“Mind over matter” means that what we think is standing in our way, and if we limit ourselves, out of fear of making a mistake, we may miss opportunities. Our brain, a complex and extraordinary muscle, allows us to do amazing things, but limits us when it feels it needs to protect us. With the [...]

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Multi-Tasking May Be A Problem for Older Adults


Studies have found that elderly people tend to have trouble switching between different tasks – or multi-tasking. Researchers knew it was happening, but have been unable to explain it, or even prove it. A new study, led by University of California at San Francisco neuroscientist Adam Gazzeley, has taken advantage of newer technology in brain [...]

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How to Cross Train Your Brain


Brain exercises is good for keeping your mental faculty sharp. You should start by sorting the exercises according to which brain hemisphere you're toning. For most people, left-brain functions include logical analysis (reasoning), drawing, conclusions), information sequencing (making lists, organizing thoughts), language and speech, reading and writing, counting and mathematics, and symbol recognition. The right hemisphere gets involved in spatial tasks such as reading maps, staying oriented and finding our way, as well as in artistic and musical abilities, face recognition, depth perception, dreaming, emotional perception and sense of humor. In left-handed people, these hemispheric functions are reversed.

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