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Your Brain Expands When Playing Games With Others


Social interaction has been found to be significant in the retention of memory. It is through communicating with others a person keeps their body active through conversation, allows them to release stress, and stave off depression. Recently scientists have been able to view the way our brains behave while interacting with others in a social [...]

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Stimulate Your Brain With Origami


A unique craft that many in the Western Hemisphere would not think of as being a “brain game” or way to de-stress is the ancient and traditional Japanese art of origami. The technique of folding paper aids in memory and learning development, as well as a relaxing activity for those who want a way to [...]

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Use It Or Lose It – Not A Myth


No matter how long scientists study the brain they still don’t totally understand it. What they do know is that the brain, like any muscle, does wither and die off if not used. The connections begin to shrink and that cuts off communication. When communication is cut off memories can’t be formed and you lose [...]

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