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What is Brain Fog?


Brain fog may not be a diagnosis for brain or memory problems, and it’s not a recognized medical condition in scientific journals or magazines, but it certainly should be listed as a warning sign. The definition of brain fog, according to Wikipedia is: Clouding of consciousness, also known as mental fog is a conventional medical [...]

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Results of Survey Identifies 5 Surprising Brain Health Tips


A recent survey conducted by the website “Lumosity” found five surprising tips that can improve brain health. In order to be better ‘brain stewards’ we should learn as much as possible about the way our brain works, how we can strengthen the connections and build new neurons (brain cells), and things we can change in [...]

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Optimizing Your Brain Fitness


Over 500 trillion synaptic connections exist inside your brain. It is the most powerful muscle in your body. These connections are what allow you to do math, drive your car, cry at sentimental movies and control your every move and behavior. It constantly changes, through a process known as plasticity, and it is through these [...]

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Brain Aerobics


Aerobics – great for the body, and now for the brain! We know aerobic exercises help your circulation, and that increases blood flow throughout your system, and that is especially good for your brain. Your brain requires a lot of oxygen, actually more than nay other part of your body. When your oxygen level is [...]

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Protect Your Brain with the Antioxidant Astaxanthin


Many refer to the antioxidant Astaxanthin as the world’s best when it comes to protecting you’re your brain as well as your eyes. It is recognized by researchers such as Rudi Moerck, an expert in fats and antioxidants, as “one of the most potent and exciting antioxidants to emerge, and is backed by extensive and [...]

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