brain mapping

Brain Mapping through the Human Connectome Project


The Human Connectome Project’s goal is to map the large-scale connections of 1,200 healthy adult human brains, using cutting-edge and noninvasive techniques through neuroimaging. They hope this research will lead to invaluable information about brain connectivity, how it relates to human behavior, and how genetic and environmental factors lead to individual differences in brain circuitry. [...]

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Use It Or Lose It – Not A Myth


No matter how long scientists study the brain they still don’t totally understand it. What they do know is that the brain, like any muscle, does wither and die off if not used. The connections begin to shrink and that cuts off communication. When communication is cut off memories can’t be formed and you lose [...]

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Frozen In Time


We are always discussing how the brain works to create memories, but do not often test the waters in how our brain holds the memories we have already stored there. Healthy brains are able to store memories in different regions – depending on what the memory is used for. What about people who have sustained [...]

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