The Brainworks of the Written Word


How can marks on a paper, wall or other surface differ from the way our brain processes other form of communication? Although we taking reading and writing for granted, there was a time – not too many generations ago, when it didn’t exist. Ancient petroglyphs all over the world date back thousands of years, when [...]

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Anyone Can Be Empowered To Lead – Just ask a Navy SEAL


I am Ron White, Two Time USA Memory Champion, memory training expert and memory keynote. I would like to share with you some of the things I learned about Leadership from my good friend and trainer, T.C. Cummings – A Former Navy Seal. This information, and other excellent points on Leadership, can be found in my memory training seminars and “Mind Like A U.S. Navy SEAL” program. First of all I would like to say – Anyone can be a leader! It does not take any special education, or physical attributes. Some are born to lead, with qualities of a leader already encrypted in their DNA. Others can learn it, and develop leadership skills with just a few key lessons to practice.

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