Speed Reading – Breaking Old Habits


Unlike other skills we seem to have mastered as we grew up, reading and comprehension seem to be something we take for granted. If we read at normal speeds of around 120 words a minute with good comprehension we think that is enough. Think about it though, how many times have you read something and [...]

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Comprehension and the Art of Speed Reading


Speed reading courses are designed to help readers choose the words worth reading and which ones are not. Being able to look at a word without having to concentrate on each and every letter to visualize the word is already practiced by most readers. By using a speed reading course you will be able to eliminate more words in a sentence increasing your rate of reading.

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Study Skills: Faster Using The Book’s Content Page


Do you know how to use a text's contents page to increase your understanding of text? A publisher typically demands an excellent contents page from an author before deciding whether or not to publish their book. The publisher understands that the contents page is the book's outline, and it describes how the book is put [...]

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