decision making

Your Brain on Politics


Is it possible to tell how a voter will cast their ballot from looking at a scan of their brain using an fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging)? Will brain mapping provide clues as to how the election will go? What actually goes on in your brain when you make a decision, or a mistake, or [...]

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How Do You Make A Decision?


A relatively new area of neuroscience, decision neuroscience, explores exactly what happens within the brain in order for a person to form a decision. It delves into not only how people make decisions, but also how they learn to value of the information they receive in order to make the decision. Haven’t you ever wondered [...]

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Older and Wiser Is No Myth


The older we get the more experience we gain, and that can only help in making better decisions that those who have not lived long enough to gain experience. With age comes experience – it’s a simple fact, and now there is research to back it up.  No matter how many previous studies are presented [...]

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