How Einstein Saw The World


Throughout Albert Einstein’s life he swam upstream, against the current of opinion and standards of normal behavior. He was independent in his thinking and the way he went about looking at the world around him. Einstein was encouraged to find his own way from the time he was a toddler. His parents allowed him to [...]

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Was Einstein Wrong About Light Particles?


Could it possibly be that the greatest mind of all time (perhaps), Albert Einstein was wrong about something? I suppose Albert Einstein was humble enough to have admitted if he got something wrong but for the average minded person such as myself it could really boggle my mind to think that Einstien got something wrong. [...]

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The Closest Friendships of Albert Einstein


Most biographies of Albert Einstein focus primarily on his work and philosophies, and do not provide much information about his close friendships, especially with Michelle Besso, an engineer, and Heinrich Zangger, a professor of forensic medicine at the University of Zurich. The influence these two men had Einstein's life, both personally and professionally, were profound [...]

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A Rare Glimpse At The Intimate Life of Albert Einstein


In July of 2006 letters Albert Einstein wrote were unsealed and the public received a rare glimpse into his private life of this unique individual. Einstein’s stepdaughter, Margot Einstein, held the private letters in her personal estate, and decreed they remain sealed until 20 years after her death. The letters contained information about a person [...]

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Einstein’s Greatest Disappointments


Albert Einstein may seem like a superstar, but he was human. Although many people thought of him as a recluse who didn’t seem to need people around him, quite the opposite was true. Einstein was a man of many emotions, just like the rest of us, and he had his share of heartache and disappoints. [...]

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How Einstein Saw The World


Albert Einstein wrote an essay in the 1950 titled, “The World As I See It.” It showed the world the man behind the brain, a human who was compassionate, empathetic and basically kind-hearted. He was completely aware of the short time life holds in its hands, and was determined to squeeze every ounce of living [...]

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How You Treat Others Gauges You As A Person


Albert Einstein was a German born Jew; in a time when being one was the most difficult – prior to World War II. Through his heritage, and his work, he knew hatred, mistreatment and prejudice. Perhaps because of this he was one of the most humane people who ever lived. He had a deep respect [...]

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Success = Work, Play and Keep Your Mouth Shut!


Ron White, would like to share with you some information about his favorite person – Albert Einstein, and his formula for success. Albert Einstein was not only a brilliant scientist, he was gifted in spirit as well. He was  a force to be reckoned with in science and math, and his unique personality exuded life [...]

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Games Einstein Played


Ron White shares his thoughts on Albert Einstein and the games he played. Einstein did not spend all his time engrossed in ways to improve the world. He understood the value of taking time away from your work to enjoy life and get away from the stress of life for a while. His leisure time [...]

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Einstein The Risk Taker


I am Ron White, memory training expert ,  memory speaker, and two-time USA Memory Champion. I would like to share my thought on Albert Einstein, who had possibly the greatest mind of anyone who had ever lived. Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany in 1879. He was fortunate from the very beginning to have parents [...]

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