Hippocampus Key to Taxi Drivers’ Brain Changes


The workings of the hippocampus area of our brain are still mysterious to neuroscientists. This is the area of the brain that plays an important part in consolidating information in order to process it through the short-term and long-term memory. What secrets lay behind the hippocampus? Does it have a visual map that lays out [...]

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Memory Link To Hippocampus Discovered


A recent study published in Science (October 2011) indicates a new discovery has been made as to how the brain connects to form memories of events that happen close together, and could play a major role in furthering research on Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, led [...]

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How We Remember and Forget


Every bit of information we process through our senses – sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste, is taken in through our short-term memory and filtered through neurotransmitters to be stored or thrown out. Sounds simple? It may sound simple, but the brain and how it processes memory is a complex system, and it involves thousands [...]

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Neocortex, and not Hippocampus, May Form Memories


For decades scientists have theorized that memories are formed in the hippocampus and then move to the neocortex for long-term storage. They believe this process takes place as we sleep. This concept has been researched recently by a study conducted by Brown University and previously thought theories have been dispelled. Lead neuroscientist, Mayank Mehta working [...]

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Frozen In Time


We are always discussing how the brain works to create memories, but do not often test the waters in how our brain holds the memories we have already stored there. Healthy brains are able to store memories in different regions – depending on what the memory is used for. What about people who have sustained [...]

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New AAN Tools Teach Coaches and Athletes How to Spot and Deal With Concussion


Tools intended to reduce the estimated four million US sports concussions experienced each year and to limit the severity of injury that can result from continued play after concussion, The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) introduced new tools for high school coaches, athletes and parents of youths to learn the signs of sports concussion. It [...]

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