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Understanding Long-Term Memory


When we want to retrieve some information we do it from long-term memory. This information can be stored just as it says, for long-term or life. As far as neuroscientists know, long-term memory has no limit, so as many memories as you can gather and your short-term memory will allow to be saved and passed [...]

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Can Sea Snails Hold The Secret to Human Memory?


It seems amazing to think that a species of sea snails can hold the key for scientists to understand how the brain processes learning and enhances memory. If the studies prove to be conclusive the small mollusk could be instrumental in helping people who suffer brain damage from aging, strokes, traumatic brain injury or congenital [...]

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Keeping Your Memory Sharp


Two-time USA Memory Champion, memory training expert, and memory keynote Ron White shares his thoughts on how to improve your memory. Wouldn’t it be great if you wake up one morning and find you have a photographic memory? You can recall where you put everything, every word your boss told you, and never forgot your spouse’s birthday again. Who wouldn’t!! Unfortunately few people can do that, so the next best thing to do is to find memory techniques that will get you as close to genius as possible.

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Did Lobotomies Really Work?


A neurologist named Egas Moniz performed the first brain surgery to treat mental illness in Portugal in 1935. The procedure was called a “leucotomy,” later to be changed to “lobotomy.” It required holes being drilled into the patient’s skull to reach the brain and severe nerve connections.

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Top Tips for SAT Test Preparation


Ron White memory training expert recommends this article on SAT prep: Top Tips for SAT Test Preparation Bangalore, India (PRWEB) October 7, 2010 As students across the country prepare to take the most important test of their high school careers, anxiety is mounting as the pressure is on to ace the SAT.

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Success In Gmat


Over a period of time, the Graduate Management Admission Test, also referred to as GMAT, has gained immense popularity all across the world. For millions of management aspirants, GMAT holds the key to success. It has become the most well known benchmark to assess aspirants before they enter the B school. As a result, the number of applicants appearing for GMAT has increased phenomenally over the past few years.

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How I Do It – Ron White Memory Marvel


How do you help someone who has always had trouble with their memory? Your memory is not nearly as bad as you might think. A few years ago, I was a guest at a radio station. The disc jockey wrote a 50-digit number on a sheet of paper. As the listeners enjoyed a song, I memorized the 50-digit number. When the song was over, I proceeded to say the number forward and backward. The disc jockey looked at me in utter disbelief and said, "Ron, you are incredible!"

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You Are The Greatest Computer Ever Created!


Your memory is nowhere near as bad as you may think it is. Recently, I was a guest ata radio station in Waco. The disc jockey wrote a 50 digit number on a sheet of paper and told his listening audience and then played a three minute song for his audience.

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Your Brain is the Greatest Computer Ever Created


Have you ever walked into a room and couldn't remember what you went there for? Have you ever grasped the hand of a potential client and then when the handshake broke, the name seemed to disappear from your memory? Or have you ever left a prospect and as you drove away remembered a key point [...]

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