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Enriching Synapse to Improve Memory and Learning


Environment has been found to have a lot to do with evolution and the ability of the species to adapt to their changing surroundings. Through the centuries, some animals who once swam are now able to walk on land; some who lived on land have been able to adapt to water; some who walked on [...]

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Intensify Your Memory with Neurofeedback?


Thousands of studies are begin conducted each year on the brain. Neuroscientists are trying to find out how it works in order to find out how all sorts of conditions – from cognitive functions like memory loss and dementia to how to get damaged limbs to work again. Since the brain is the center of [...]

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Not So Secret Techniques to Improve Memory


With only a handful of exceptions, like those with true eidetic or superior autobiographical memory, experts are born with normal brains, just like you and me. If you want to enhance your memory, and improve your quality of life by getting better grades, or remembering important clients names, you will need to learn the memory [...]

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Blue Light Can Help Your Memory


Insomnia and sleep disorders are a very real problem with many people, and lack of sleep can inhibit the ability for you to remember, memorize and absorb information. When you are too tired to think your brain is not processing the information you need to be able to work efficiently, and you feel like you [...]

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Memory Training Can Help Make Driving With Senior Safer


In 2003 an 85-year-old man Santa Monica, California man pressed his foot on the gas pedal of his 1992 Buick, mistaking it for the brake, and drove three blocks along a crowded Farmer’s Market, running into people and business stands along there way before a body crashed into his windshield and stopped the car. Nine [...]

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Helping Your Child To Improve Grades


The kids are back in school after summer vacation and you would like them to make a conscious effort to improve their grades. What can a parent do to motivate a child to stop fooling around and buckle down?  One of the most frustrating sentences a parent can hear from a teacher is: “Your child [...]

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Can You Improve Your Memory by Listening to Mozart?


This is Ron White, it is fascinating how the mind works, and I would like to share with you studies on the effect classical music has on memory and learning. Years ago, in the 1990s, a study was conducted a the University of California at Irvine dubbed The “Mozart Effect.” It was later published later [...]

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The Importance of Socialization On Your Memory


Two Time USA Memory Champion, Ron White, would like to share information on the importance socialization and interaction with others has on memory. According to a University of Michigan study published in the February 2008 issue of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, just 10 minutes a day talking to another person can improve your memory [...]

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How to Remember Directions


Two time USA Memory Champion and memory speaker Ron White (also known as the memory guy or America's memory expert) shares with you his technique for memorizing directions. So there you are. You pull into a gas station to ask for directions. (That is if you are a woman or if you are a man [...]

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