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Process More Input Speed Reading


Two-Time USA Memory Champion, memory training expert and memory keynote, Ron White, has taught Speed Reading in his courses and believes everyone can benefit from learning the technique. Speed-reading is not just for nerds. Anyone can learn it. People who read things without really understanding what they read waste a great deal of time. By skimming over a page or newspaper, and only stopping to read something that catches the eye, you have to admit - you miss a lot!

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Keeping Your Memory Sharp


Two-time USA Memory Champion, memory training expert, and memory keynote Ron White shares his thoughts on how to improve your memory. Wouldn’t it be great if you wake up one morning and find you have a photographic memory? You can recall where you put everything, every word your boss told you, and never forgot your spouse’s birthday again. Who wouldn’t!! Unfortunately few people can do that, so the next best thing to do is to find memory techniques that will get you as close to genius as possible.

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Basic Speed Reading Exercises


Two Time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert and memory keynote Ron White shares his thoughts on speed reading exercises. As part of my Memory Exercises and Speed Reading Program I would like to offer a couple useful exercises to get you started and improve your reading speed. As children we learned how to read a certain way, and over the years we have continued to use the same methods. In other words, even though we have substantially increased our vocabularies we have not advanced our reading methods beyond the second grade! We are all creatures of habit. When we are comfortable with something we don’t like to move outside our comfort zone unless we are forced to. With our lives moving along on the “information highway” we need to make room in our time to take it all in, and this is where Speed Reading comes in.

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Speed Reading Will Benefit Your Comprehension


Two Time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert and memory keynote Ron White has taught Speed Reading in his course, and believes that anyone can learn to read faster and comprehend more. While speed reading is advantageous for most people to save time and get more reading done, is also improves your ability to process information at an astonishing rate – and that means retaining what they learn, as well as enhance how to memorize anything they read.

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Exercise – The Memory Jolt


Two Time USA Memory Champion, memory training expert and memory keynote Ron White shares his thoughts on how exercise can aid in memory improvement. Studies are currently underway to determine the benefits of exercise to improve your memory, as well as your overall health. It has long been know that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and cuts down on hypertension, weight gain and blood circulation. Scientists are now learning that anxiety disorders contributing to disconnects and malfunction of the areas of the brain that lead to dementia can also be improved with a regular exercise regiment.

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Learning Language Through Imagery


Ron White the US National Memory Champion teaches keys to memory. In this article we will get into how your senses can be used to help you learn language – either a foreign language or to improve your vocabulary. Many memory centers encourage memorization and vocabulary as a way to learn a new language. They believe this will help you to start “thinking” in that language because you won’t have to keep looking up words and meanings. I want to give you a couple of tips to help you not only memorize faster, but retain it longer.

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Want a bigger brain? Get up and move!


As people get older the area in the brain called the hippocampus begins to shrink. This shrinkage leads to the development of dementia. A Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences study found that those who exercise and push themselves away from the television and computer are not only in better physical shape, but their hippocampus also starts to grow – reversing the aging loss and increasing the brain size and memory function to add years to their life.

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Are Binaural Beats Digital Drugs?


Binaural beats, quite simply, are audio sounds that are played at a slightly different tone for each ear (binaural means “both ears”). The two low frequencies synchronize in the brain to form a “beat.” You can produce beats by playing two different pure tones through loudspeakers, but the best way to get the effect is through stereo headphones.. The result is a calming effect that comes over you as you sink deeper into relaxation.

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Brain Food – Eat Your Way To A Stronger Mind


The right food (fuel) will help your memory, allow you to concentrate better, keep you on top of things, reduces stress, and even prevents deterioration of brain cells from dementia. The wrong foods will have the opposite effect – like feeling that you’re in a “fog,” memory lapses, and an overall feeling that you’re just not right.

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MemoryLifter Software Revolutionizes Learning


MemoryLifter is a program that flashes images in front of you, and gives you multiple-choice answers, then scores your progress and time. It is an excellent aid in improving your memory as well as a learning aid for students and adults alike.

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