Researchers Unable to Isolate IQ Genes


Hunting down the specific gene, or set of genes, that comprise our memory has proven to be as elusive as tracking down the Lock Ness monster. Researchers have been trying for decades to target the “intelligence genes” in order to find out if intelligence is inherited, or a result of the environment. They also believe [...]

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Can Intelligence Actually Be Tested?


Is there a test that can actually show how much intelligence a person has? Standardized IQ tests may give some indication of ability, but there are so many outside factors that can slant the results are they really dependable? Supposedly, intelligence is measured by two criteria: the ability to solve problems and general reasoning (fluid [...]

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Fluid Intelligence Aids in Elevating IQ


Some scientists believe that fluid intelligence doesn’t have anything to do with IQ or being “book smart” and more to do with the ability to look at information previously accepted as reality and searching for different answers. Some would use the ‘politically correct’ term “thinking outside the box.” Static intelligence is just the opposite, the [...]

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