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Memorizing a Foreign Language


Two Time USA Memory Champion and Memory Training Speaker and Memory Expert Ron White shares his method on how to memorize words in a foreign language: A lot of people want to learn foreign languages but don’t know where to start.  They will get on the treadmill and put on the foreign language tapes.  Now [...]

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How to Count in Japanese


When I was 12 years old I signed up to take Okinawan Karate. I really enjoyed weekly learning the same style of karate that Daniel from the movie The Karate Kid took. I learned self defense, the importance of exercise, gained confidence and even learned a little bit of Japanese! Now, to tell you the truth all I learned was counting and on a recent trip to Narita Japan I did discover it is very tough to carry on a conversation with just numbers! With that said, it is fun to learn bits and pieces of other languages and here is a real simple way to learn how to count in Japanese.

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