long-term memory

Understanding Long-Term Memory


When we want to retrieve some information we do it from long-term memory. This information can be stored just as it says, for long-term or life. As far as neuroscientists know, long-term memory has no limit, so as many memories as you can gather and your short-term memory will allow to be saved and passed [...]

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Memorization is Repetition


As an adult you go over the same lessons and skills again and again that you did as a child. The more you do an activity the more it remains ingrained in your memory throughout your lifetime. Simple traditions you learned from your grandparents and are now passing on to your children or grandchildren; the [...]

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The Sections of the Brain That Make Up Memory


The human brain is so complex that it is made up of several different areas, each having their own function. All of these areas can work together at one time, or separately. It is almost like a family tree, where there are main branches and offshoots of those branches. The offshoots have more subsections. For [...]

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Depression and Short-Term Memory


Depression is a very misunderstood mental condition, and can have devastating effects on the victim and those around them, if gone untreated. Depressed people lose their ability to concentrate. They have difficulty remembering new information, and research has shown that depressed people only remember negative memories, which leads them to prolong their depression. It also [...]

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