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Diabetes and Other Metabolic Disorders Can Be Linked To Alzheimer’s


Okay, this one hits home. I was recently told I have Metabolic Syndrome.....Yikes.....I have had a cloudy head for months if not a year or more and maybe this is the answer. As a memory guy or memory speaker this is probably the worst condition to have and for the non memory guy not good [...]

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Dementia’s Common Causes


The terms “dementia” refers to a disease in which the nerve cells in the brain are not able to connect to one another and start to die off. This results in a loss of memory and eventually other brain functions, like the brain’s ability to tell your kidneys to work or your body to breath, [...]

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Brain Exercises That Turn Back the Clock


A survey by the Dana Foundation revealed that nearly seven out of ten adults are worried about memory decline. As a matter of fact, 80% of doctors surveyed said their patients over thirty complain about memory loss. They are beginning to worry they may develop Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. They haven’t quite gotten [...]

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