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Some Have No Signs of Brain Aging


According to a study by the Northwestern University Super Aging Project, there are some seniors who have been able to outsmart their peers and avoid any mental decline that usually occurs as we age. What makes them different from the majority? A certain amount of mental decline is normal as we age, but it seems [...]

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Re-Shaping Your Brain Activity


The journal Sleep reported in their October 1, 2008 issue a study showing that improved sleep quality can accelerate learning and memorizing through a process that reshapes your brain activity. According to the study, participants were able to “shape their brain activity” by the direct manipulation of certain EEG (electroencephalographic) activities. Researchers were able to [...]

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Trial and Error Helps Older Brains Process Better


  The world-renowned Rotman Research Institute in Toronto, Canada has issued a report that appears in the August 24, 2011 online edition of the journal Psychology and Aging that shows evidence that older brains benefit more than younger ones from memorizing and learning things the old-fashioned way – through trial and error. The findings will [...]

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