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How to Memorize Something Fast


How to Memorize Something Fast 7 Steps to Memorize Something Faster Than You Thought Possible   Would you like to learn how to memorize something fast? Here is the truth, if you can memorize something slow then you can learn how to memorize something fast! Because it just takes a little more practice. There is [...]

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Blue Light Can Help Your Memory


Insomnia and sleep disorders are a very real problem with many people, and lack of sleep can inhibit the ability for you to remember, memorize and absorb information. When you are too tired to think your brain is not processing the information you need to be able to work efficiently, and you feel like you [...]

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Art as a Memory Tool


Scientists believe that our vision is our most important sense. It is estimated that 90% of the information our brain processes comes from what we see. Yet, what we usually see is a generalized view of what actually is within our frame of reference. Think about it. Look ahead of your for just an instant. [...]

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Alzheimer’s Caregivers Need to Take Time For Themselves


As the average age continues to grow so does the possibility that more of us will be taking care of a loved one as they age or get ill. Caregiving is an act of love and kindness. It does, however, come with a heavy price tag, and without adequate support can turn from an act [...]

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Memory as a Personal Success Tool


Can you look up to someone who has seen you every weekday morning for five years and still can’t get your name right? How about the person who goes to meetings unprepared because he left his briefcase in the car? When you attend a business conference and the featured speaker is looking at his notes [...]

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5 More Test-Taking Memory Tips


Taking tests is so stressful, and many people have a difficult time getting through them because they are putting so much pressure on themselves to do well. There are many who have memorized all the material and can recite it forward and backwards, but as soon as they enter the testing room everything they learned [...]

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Depression and Short-Term Memory


Depression is a very misunderstood mental condition, and can have devastating effects on the victim and those around them, if gone untreated. Depressed people lose their ability to concentrate. They have difficulty remembering new information, and research has shown that depressed people only remember negative memories, which leads them to prolong their depression. It also [...]

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Memory Training Can Help Make Driving With Senior Safer


In 2003 an 85-year-old man Santa Monica, California man pressed his foot on the gas pedal of his 1992 Buick, mistaking it for the brake, and drove three blocks along a crowded Farmer’s Market, running into people and business stands along there way before a body crashed into his windshield and stopped the car. Nine [...]

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