Neuroscience Affects Your Everyday Life


It’s only been a few decades since scientists decided to open up a new field of study, called neuroscience. For centuries they have known that the nervous system (brain) controls all of our thoughts, moods, motions, language and dreams, but they were not certain how. Thanks to neuroscience, how our brain functions, and what parts [...]

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Breaking Through the Blood-Brain Barrier


Once of the biggest dilemmas in neuroscience may just have been solved with an amazing breakthrough by a group of researchers at Cornell University – finding the way to get past the blood-brain barrier. For over 100 years scientists have been trying to get past the guards that block entry to the brain cells so [...]

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Neuroscience Advances Benefit Memory Challenges


Neuroscience is a new field of science that was hardly even known about a generation ago. Today the field has attracted billions of dollars in new financing and masses of researchers. According to the Society of Neuroscience, last year the National Institutes of Health alone spent nearly 20% of its total budget ($5.2 billion) on [...]

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