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Speed Reading Tip from Ron White


Two time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert Ron White memory guy shares a tip on speed reading - I just completed teaching my 2 Day Brain Athlete seminar in Singapore and a portion of the two days was devoted to speed reading techniques. The group really enjoyed the material and a few people [...]

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Take A Chill Pill like a Navy SEAL


Two-Time USA Memory Champion; memory training expert, and memory keynote speaker Ron White shares his thoughts on taking time out to distress and walk away from a problem in order to solve it. As a memory expert, I can attest to the fact that no mind, no matter how extraordinary, is capable of solving every problem immediately. We are distracted by problems that come up on a daily basis, and the stress mounts with each distraction that is ignored. It is how we deal with these distractions that make us or break us.

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Ron White on Speed Reading For Dummies


Speed-reading is not just for geeks. The average person can learn to speed read. Most people waste a lot of time reading things without really understanding what they read. They skim over a page or newspaper just to get the highlights, and only stop to read something that catches the eye. You have to admit; when you do this you miss a lot.

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