Gravity Saved the Universe After the Big Bang


During the accelerated expansion of the early universe, the production of the Higgs boson—the elementary particle responsible for giving mass to all particles—should have led to instability, followed by collapse. At least that’s what some recent studies suggest. But the universe didn’t collapse immediately after the Big Bang, and now researchers think they know why. [...]

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Neuroscience Advances Benefit Memory Challenges


Neuroscience is a new field of science that was hardly even known about a generation ago. Today the field has attracted billions of dollars in new financing and masses of researchers. According to the Society of Neuroscience, last year the National Institutes of Health alone spent nearly 20% of its total budget ($5.2 billion) on [...]

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Right Brain – Left Brain is it a Myth?


This myth holds that a right-brain person is generally creative, intuitive, artsy, while a left-brain person is more of a problem-solver, more logical. The myth had it's roots in science but the sides of the brain are very interdependent.

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