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The Terminal for all Brain Activity is Sensory Memory


Sensory memory is actually the ‘ultra-short-term memory’ of our brain. It runs much like a train terminal where it enters and gets routed to where it needs to go. From the initial impression made upon your senses the sensory memory carries the information and puts it on the right track to your working memory, where [...]

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Kick Back With Another Cup of Joe


Each year more than 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world. What impact does it have on our health? Caffeine has been shown to change the chemistry of the brain, including activating the pleasure centers and injecting more adrenaline into your system to make you more active and alert. Research suggests it [...]

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The Sections of the Brain That Make Up Memory


The human brain is so complex that it is made up of several different areas, each having their own function. All of these areas can work together at one time, or separately. It is almost like a family tree, where there are main branches and offshoots of those branches. The offshoots have more subsections. For [...]

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Depression and Short-Term Memory


Depression is a very misunderstood mental condition, and can have devastating effects on the victim and those around them, if gone untreated. Depressed people lose their ability to concentrate. They have difficulty remembering new information, and research has shown that depressed people only remember negative memories, which leads them to prolong their depression. It also [...]

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Multi-Tasking May Be A Problem for Older Adults


Studies have found that elderly people tend to have trouble switching between different tasks – or multi-tasking. Researchers knew it was happening, but have been unable to explain it, or even prove it. A new study, led by University of California at San Francisco neuroscientist Adam Gazzeley, has taken advantage of newer technology in brain [...]

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Brain Exercises That Turn Back the Clock


A survey by the Dana Foundation revealed that nearly seven out of ten adults are worried about memory decline. As a matter of fact, 80% of doctors surveyed said their patients over thirty complain about memory loss. They are beginning to worry they may develop Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. They haven’t quite gotten [...]

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How We Remember and Forget


Every bit of information we process through our senses – sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste, is taken in through our short-term memory and filtered through neurotransmitters to be stored or thrown out. Sounds simple? It may sound simple, but the brain and how it processes memory is a complex system, and it involves thousands [...]

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