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Your Memory Relies On A Good Night’s Sleep


The National Institutes of Health reports approximately 50 to 70 million Americans experience some form of sleep disorder, enough to “significantly diminish” their health, safety, slower reactions and inability to focus. The interruption of sleep could come in the form of sleep apnea, inability to get to sleep, too much sleep, or poor quality of [...]

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Medication Doesn’t Help for a Restful Night’s Sleep


How many hours of sleep do you need? Sleep is an essential need for our bodies and our brains. It is during sleep that our minds go over the events of the day and form long-term memory. Without adequate sleep, of at least 7-9 hours a night, we are not able to function at optimum [...]

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Re-Shaping Your Brain Activity


The journal Sleep reported in their October 1, 2008 issue a study showing that improved sleep quality can accelerate learning and memorizing through a process that reshapes your brain activity. According to the study, participants were able to “shape their brain activity” by the direct manipulation of certain EEG (electroencephalographic) activities. Researchers were able to [...]

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