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Is Speed Reading Beneficial?


Speed reading is a technique that allows you to take in the printed word just like you take in images while watching a movie. It allows you to read an entire magazine or book at speeds that can amount to two to ten times faster than the average rate. You learn to condition the right side of your brain to view the words instead of sounding them out on the left side. This completely changes how your brain processes information.

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Ron White on Speed Reading For Dummies


Speed-reading is not just for geeks. The average person can learn to speed read. Most people waste a lot of time reading things without really understanding what they read. They skim over a page or newspaper just to get the highlights, and only stop to read something that catches the eye. You have to admit; when you do this you miss a lot.

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Wikipedia Defines Speed Reading


Wikipedia defines “speed reading” as a collection of reading methods which attempt to increase rates of reading without greatly reducing comprehension or retention.” They go on, however, to say it is “characterized by an analysis of trade-offs between measures of speed and comprehension.” Is speed reading a trade-off? Does it reduce the “value” of the subject matter into increments of time? It doesn’t have to be.

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Trust Your Memory


Two time USA Memory Champion and Memory Training Expert Ron White shares his thoughts on trusting your memory: In learning how to memorize one of the first things that should be learned is the many benefits of trusting your memory. Trusting your memory allows you to move faster and memorize more information quickly. One of the most common things I hear people say is, ‘Oh my memory is TERRIBLE! I can’t remember names! I am a terrible test taker! My memory is getting worse and worse!’ The first element of trusting your memory is STOP SAYING THIS KIND OF STUFF! What you tell yourself about your memory will be programmed into your subconscious and ultimately become your reality. I daily tell myself, ‘My brain operates fast and I find it EASY to remember.’ I am programming myself to TRUST my memory!

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Comprehension and the Art of Speed Reading


Speed reading courses are designed to help readers choose the words worth reading and which ones are not. Being able to look at a word without having to concentrate on each and every letter to visualize the word is already practiced by most readers. By using a speed reading course you will be able to eliminate more words in a sentence increasing your rate of reading.

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Speed Reading: Fact or Fiction?


Is this a dream or science fiction? Can someone actually read a book in 30 minutes? First, let's ask where the idea of speed reading originated. A woman named Evelyn Wood turned in an 80 page paper to her college professor expecting him to read and return it the next day. To her surprise he read the entire paper in seconds and graded it immediately

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