Two time USA Memory Champion and Ron White Memory Expert talks about the video he was a part of for TIME.COM in their coverage of the 2011 USA Memory Championship:

It was such fun to be a part of the 2011 USA Memory Championship. Now, true the result of the tournament wasn’t the one I had hoped and trained for. Yet, there was still plenty of good things to come out of the tournament for me:

First of all I got to be a part of this AWESOME TIME.COM video. This is a great video that tells the story of the tournament and I even teach a little memory skills using landmarks around New York City to memorize the US Presidents. Some of you may have seen the video of the cute little girl I taught to memorize the presidents not long ago. Well, if you watch the video closely you will see that TIME also thought it was a cute/impressive video and the 6 year old is now in a TIME Magazine video. 🙂

The video is pretty cool as it follows Nelson Dellis (the eventual champion) and myself and we were the two finalist that the entire event came down to! When people watch the video to the end they often ask me, ‘Why did you just give up?’ I DIDN’T! I had a strategy to memorize 72 cards perfect and didn’t know the next card. For an interesting glimpse of what was going on inside my head at that exact moment at the USA Memory Championship watch as Nelson Dellis and Tony Dottino shake hands and I am in the back ground. It was hard to watch on the one hand and you can see me turn away…. but there is also a glimpse of a smile because I knew I had given it all I had.

Regardless, this is a GREAT video by TIME and I hope you take some time to watch it and get a little glimpse at what goes on inside of the USA Memory Championship or any memory tournament for that matter.