Can a young kid learn memory training?

By Ron White Memory Expert and USA Memory Champion

A young boy named Jacob wanted my Nintendo and I told him that I couldn’t just give it to him that he had to earn it. I suggested he earn it by memorizing all the presidents of the USA. He shrugged his shoulders and say, ‘nevermind.’ I say, ‘Jacob, I can teach you how to do this.’ We spent the next hour or so memorizing the presidents using pieces of furniture in his home.  He was shocked he could do it and elated to have the Nintendo.

Then a few months later his six year old sister wanted me to teach her how to memorize the presidents. I must confess, she was six and I wasn’t sure that she would be able to understand the memory training system. But if Ron White memory champ can’t teach her…who can? J

So I set out to teach six year old Kailey. I was so proud of her when we were finished. Not only did she memorize all the presidents using my memory system she was incredibly cute when she did it. So cute as a matter of fact I asked her if I could record it. She said, ‘You can record it for a dollar!’ Here is that video: