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BrainAthlete Radio with Jeff Cockrell of Dale Carnegie


BrainAthlete Radio is all about increasing your business through sales tools and keys to keeping up in the information age.  Jeff Cockrell is a Premier Trainer with Dale Carnegie Training.  Jeff shared several keys to increasing you sales in 2011 with the process they teach at Dale Carnegie.

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BrainAthlete Radio with Guest Tim Connor


Ron White Memory Champion and I host BrainAthlete Radio on . Tim Connor the author of Soft Sell and Corporate Disconnect. Tim covers the block in communications between the vision of the lower level sales managers with the senior executives and compares it to the difference between 500 foot view and the 40K foot view.

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How to get Better Grades in School by Ron White


Ron White the National Memory Champion is always looking for additional ways to add value to his clients and customers. As a Keynote speaker and trainer for America's biggest and brightest minds both now and in the future his memory and accelerated learning techniques are second to none. Recently he started a new radio show on

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Hey Kevin!


Below is a video that is about 8 minutes. Basically I cover: 1. I believe I come across as the average man and that is what makes me effective selling memory training 2. Mega Memory was very successful 20 years ago and I believe the market is ripe again 3. I know how to sell [...]

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Test Prep Can Improve Scores for College Admissions and Scholarships


Many parents listen to college representatives who tell them that they look at each college applicant in a "holistic manner" and that test scores are not a big deal. However, research shows that more than 70% of colleges and universities consider SAT and ACT test scores a significant factor in college admissions. Too many students are rejected from colleges because of low test scores. Many lose out on merit scholarships because their test scores are not high enough.

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How To Memorize Words Faster And Better


This is the old fashioned, traditional vocabulary improvement method used for a long time in schools as a language learning technique. You probably used this in your primary and high school foreign language classes as homework. Remember your teacher going "I want you to memorize the words on the list at page 5, take them one by one and learn what they mean".

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Stress, Anxiety and Your Memory


I am not going to suggest to you must avoid being stressed, after all it is part of being alive. With that said, you must learn to manage the stress effectively or your memory and health will be shot. If you have a high level of stress over a long period of time it can hurt your brain function in a major way. When you are stressed your body releases a hormone called cortisol.

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What did that mean? Well, when you are memorizing a deck of cards in a tournament you are timed and the fastest that you can do it the better. Often times, I would find myself focusing on a card for several seconds to make sure that I had it in my brain.

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