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The Workings of Retrograde Amnesia


The brain has a way of blocking out traumatic incidents in order to allow the person time to deal with the events. The memory is not lost, simply filed away in a secret compartment until it feels the person is able to cope with the trauma. If someone sustained a head injury during an auto [...]

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Hey Drew!


Below is a video that is about 8 minutes. Basically I cover: 1. I believe I come across as the average man and that is what makes me effective selling memory training 2. Mega Memory was very successful 20 years ago and I believe the market is ripe again 3. I know how to sell [...]

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Ron White Memory Training Course Testimonial


> > Subject: Thank you> > From:> > Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 21:49:31 -0700> > To:> > > > Dear Ron,  I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for inspiring me and giving me courage at a very difficult moment in my life. My closest aunt, who acted like [...]

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Proper Nutrients Are Essential To Mental Health


Dr. Terry Wahls was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and it took her on a journey to finding the reasons the brain shrinks with this disease, and what she could do to stop the progression of her disease. What she found was that there was similar shrinkage of the brain for those who have Huntington’s disease, [...]

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Stimulate Your Brain With Origami


A unique craft that many in the Western Hemisphere would not think of as being a “brain game” or way to de-stress is the ancient and traditional Japanese art of origami. The technique of folding paper aids in memory and learning development, as well as a relaxing activity for those who want a way to [...]

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Our Brains Link Mental Impressions In A Way That Makes Sense


It has long been known that the development of musical skills enhances memory and brain function. Learning to play a musical instrument is an excellent memory tool. According to researchers, music helps to strengthen memory as well as other areas of the brain, but still are not able to understand why. “Piano practicing fine tunes [...]

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Can Fluoride in Our Water Cause Problems in Brain Development?


There is a growing controversy throughout the United States and Canada that fluoride in our water supplies can cause brain development and lowering of our intelligence. Quite a few studies have indicated that higher levels of fluoride exposure can cause problems in brain development, but there currently are no definitive indications that the levels in [...]

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Brain Lapses Are Normal – Most of the Time


Multi-tasking and switching from one job to another is a recipe for disaster. Our brains are not capable of handling too many functions at once or it won’t be able to sort and process memory as well as it needs to. That’s not to say our brains can’t work fast, but when you put it [...]

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Use It Or Lose It – Not A Myth


No matter how long scientists study the brain they still don’t totally understand it. What they do know is that the brain, like any muscle, does wither and die off if not used. The connections begin to shrink and that cuts off communication. When communication is cut off memories can’t be formed and you lose [...]

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