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What is special about this sentence?

“I love to mimic the right eye of my dad, which works like a radar, which is again similar to a rotator”. Now find out what’s so special about this sentence? Answer below… . . . . . . . . . Answer = The sentence contains 4 palindromes – eye, dad, rotator, radar . […]
How to Memorize Bible Verses

How to Memorize Bible Verses

A few years ago I was asked to create a video on how to memorize Romans Chapter 8. This system can be applied to any scripture memory. On the video, I demonstrate how I use the same technique for scripture memory to memorize every page of Martha Stewart’s magazine. To learn about how to memorize […]

Memory System Review

I spoke for a High School on memory training not long ago and here is a review of my memory training system that I received! Hi Ron, Can the Bartlett party of 3 reschedule our 2-day workshop for another set of dates? You mentioned at the Southlake Sr. High School presentation that if the Feb […]
The Awe-some World of a Savant

You Are The Train – Think Like a Navy SEAL

Two-time USA Memory Champion; Ron White memory speaker would like to share with you some lessons on momentum and discipline learned from former U.S. Navy Seal T.C. Cummings. Have you ever heard the expression, “When it rains it pours?” People usually say that when things just keep going from bad to worse. On the other […]

GlobalWebHQ as guest on BrainAthlete Radio

Ron White Memory Training sponsors BrainAthlete Radio on each week. This show is hosted by Patrick Dougher and always is positioned to serve the Sales professional. We bring ideas and tools to help Sales professional and Managers reach their sales goals in this economy. This week guests Craig and Leslie Thompson shared about the keys to Video Marketing in the most cost effective ways. Enjoy the show...

Acknowledging and Preserving Albert Einstein’s Legacy

Ron White the 2 time National Memory Champion Acknowledging and Preserving Albert Einstein’s Legacy I have been fascinated by Albert Einstein and his extraordinary life, mind and views most of my life – so much so that I created a program about him entitled ‘How to Develop The Mind of Einstein’. On March 13,2005 the American Friends of the Hebrew University (AFHU) celebrated the 100th anniversary of the publishing of three of Einstein’s most notable works, including the Theory of Relativity (E=mc2), with a conference on his formidable legacy, and his impact on our lives.

David Steel on Ron White’s BrainAthlete Radio

David Steel of as a guest on David runs a Social media company called They were recommended for me to interview by Christopher Guerriero who I also interviewed. I can't tell you this is the best show but I believe you will find what others have found that this show is packed with great tips and tools to promote you and your business on Social Media.

Can you still afford College? On Ron White’s BrainAthlete Radio learn how.

Kevin helps his clients find the money to attend college. Listen to this interview discussing how they start with an assessment to make sure you go into college pursuing a passion with direction rather than a wondering specific as Zig Ziglar says. Kevin and his team has several classes each month in the DFW area where he teaches the principals of how to fill out the FAFSA without hurting yourself.

BrainAthlete Radio with Guest Marc Harty of

Marc Harty of on BrainAthlete Radio sharing the 7 keys to successfully attracting the attention of the Press using online techniques. This interview is very helpful and packed with content to help any business owner or sales professional present themselves as a subject mater expert in their field. Ron White and Patrick Dougher are the hosts of this show to help professional build and grow their business using everything from sales and marketing information to tip and tools to keep up with the Informational Age we live in today.