Memory speaker, Ron White, would like to share information about a self-help website that offers tips on memory training.

There are a few websites online, including this one, that offers practical advice and tips on memory training by allowing anyone to access the information to improve their memory through brain exercises, diet and physical exercise that improves circulation, and memory tips.

There are minefields of different ‘memory training’ and ‘mind gym’ programs online that offer advice on how to improve your memory. Most of them are geared toward information for those older adults who are worried about age-related memory decline or dementia – like the Alzheimer’s Association. These sites provide many wonderful tips and research studies that have been conducted in the field to help people avoid or at least slow down the mental decline as people age.

There are also memory trainers who help children to learn to improve study skills, and teach them how to get better grades. An article in the Los Angeles Times (June 2011) by Melissa Healy reported on experiments proving that memory training boosted the abstract reasoning abilities of children months after the training had taken place.

A good memory trainer will show you ways their memory techniques will help you improve your life now, as well as later. They can show you various memory systems, geared toward how you would best be able to have your needs met.  With the ability to recall information better, children and adults will do better in school and work, and remarkably it will help them improve their relationships as well. Having a good memory is a good social skill as much as a good life skill.

With all the information people are being given today; and it seems to be coming at you quicker than ever before with devices such as Smartphones and ipads, and lower costing computers, we are better able to access a world of information at a moments notice. People are going to need to build their ‘memory banks’ to hold more information.

While not all of us will ever be ‘Einsteins’, we will still be able to strengthen our mind’s ability to use, reuse and recycle information that is necessary for success. We have to use our mental abilities, including our ability to memorize, organize and formulate ideas in order to just stay afloat in the world, much less be successful. We are receiving more and more information we have to learn and retain, and it doesn’t get easier.

Take for example the marketing of a product. Fifty years ago salesmen would go door to door selling products, or the neighborhood ‘5 and dime’ would carry everything that was needed to make what they wanted. Newspapers sold ads to attract new customers to the larger department stores like Macy’s or Gimble’s, and new products were advertised on the new electronic device called a television.

Today, salesmen have to know how to market online. Newspapers are losing ground and advertisers are turning elsewhere to get the word out. Now a salesman has to have a website and a blog, be listed and participate in the directories and social networks, and have an internet presence where they are constantly trying to outguess the search engines and their criteria to get listed at the top. They have to keep up on keywords and meta tags, learn search engine optimization and keep an eye on the competition.

Famous people like Bill Gates and Winston Churchill could recall mountains of information because they had learned how to memorize. Many people that you and I have never heard of have achieved incredible success and riches because of their ability to remember important information.

Anyone at any age can improve their memory, and with the right memory training, memory coach or memory program you will be amazed at how much your life has improved.




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