Multi-Tasking May Be A Problem for Older Adults


Studies have found that elderly people tend to have trouble switching between different tasks – or multi-tasking. Researchers knew it was happening, but have been unable to explain it, or even prove it. A new study, led by University of California at San Francisco neuroscientist Adam Gazzeley, has taken advantage of newer technology in brain [...]

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Know How to Spot Memory Problems


Speaking with most doctors you will find that one of the most asked questions from patients over thirty involves memory loss. Our brains peak in our late twenties, and after that people with an occasional “It’s right on the tip of my tongue,” or “Have you seen my keys?” begins to make people think there [...]

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Teaching Preschoolers To Think For Themselves


When our children are born we automatically have dreams of them becoming another Einstein, or someone who will make great advances to our world. What can we do to give them a leg up and help them on their way to greatness? We know that genetics plays a part in developing our brains, but there [...]

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Memorization is linked to learning styles


There are many theories as to how to make memorizing easier. You can employ a memory expert, such as myself, to help you with the basics; you can buy cd’s with memory lessons; and you can take classes in speed reading and other memory techniques. They are all excellent ideas that can benefit you immensely, [...]

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Does Your Brain Still Work If You Lose Your Head?


I came across an urban legend that says your brain continues to work, even after you have been decapitated. I thought exploring that legend was worth pursuing. There certainly is finality to losing your head! Or is there? Whether is it done through beheading, where the head is accidentally detached from the body, or through [...]

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Brains Can Be Tricked Into Believing False Memories


Memory training expert and memory keynote speaker, Ron White, would like to share this information about false memories. Our memories are not always reliable. How often have we turned off a light when we are on our way to bed only to ask ourselves later if we actually had turned the lights off? Do you [...]

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Do we use only 10% of our brains?


The average person if they chose to push their brain power could become fluent in many languages, routinely memorize 100 digit numbers, know the first names of 100 people within 30 minutes of being in a room and be a subject matter expert on any subject that they chose.

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Foods bad for memory


Just like there are foods that will improve your memory there are things you can put in your body that will hurt your memory. 1. Avoiding medications that cause drowsy can also have a great impact. These medications can linger in your system and cause a cloudy head and hurt the ability to focus. 2. [...]

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