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Basic Speed Reading Exercises


Two Time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert and memory keynote Ron White shares his thoughts on speed reading exercises. As part of my Memory Exercises and Speed Reading Program I would like to offer a couple useful exercises to get you started and improve your reading speed. As children we learned how to read a certain way, and over the years we have continued to use the same methods. In other words, even though we have substantially increased our vocabularies we have not advanced our reading methods beyond the second grade! We are all creatures of habit. When we are comfortable with something we don’t like to move outside our comfort zone unless we are forced to. With our lives moving along on the “information highway” we need to make room in our time to take it all in, and this is where Speed Reading comes in.

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Building Comprehension with Speed Reading


Two Time USA Memory Champion, memory training expert and memory keynote Ron White shares his thoughts on how every learner should develop the comprehension skills speed reading enhances to become a more efficient reader. When we read we use different methods for different subject matter. For instance, when we read a geometry book we read at a slower rate that we would if we were reading the bulleting board. Because the material is more technical you want to soak in the information and sometimes that requires going back over it again. With the bulletin board you read over the notes quickly until something catches your eye that you may want to write down or remember. In both cases you are trying to comprehend what you are reading, just in a different way and at a different speed.

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Cross-training Your Brain


Are you dominant on the left side of your brain or the right? You may think you know, since left-brain thinkers are more creative while those right-brain thinkers are more analytical, but it is not always clear-cut. In fact, most people are a combination of both, and I would like to help you get the “neglected” side to work for you as well.

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Is Memory Training Only For Memory Experts?


Yesterday I was contacted by a national morning television show to discuss memory and they asked me if I could discuss the value of memory training for the average person. In other words, they wanted to know. Is this stuff just good for memory experts or competitions or does it have a real life application to the ever day person? They wanted to know if the average person could even learn how to memorize.

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2011 USA Memory Championship Recap Nelson Dellis Wins – Page 2


This is part 2 of article at Article continues.... My brain was calm, very well rested and I felt good. If I was not to be the winner today it wouldn't be because my brain wasn't ready. It was...

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The Day Before The USA Memory Championship


Ron White memory expert and USA Memory Champion shares his thoughts on the USA Memory Championship: As I type this I am sitting in my hotel room in New York City for the fourth year in a row. The first time was March 2008 and I had just returned from Afghanistan two months prior. The next year, in 2009 I ended up winning the USA Memory Championship and followed that with another victory in 2010.

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How Sleep Affects Memory


Ron White memory expert and USA Memory Champion discusses how sleep affects memory: Here is the scenario, you are going into a mental tournament against some of the smartest men and women you know and you can't sleep the night before! This was not an imaginary scenario for is exactly what occurred for me the night before the 2010 USA Memory Championship. I was wound up so much that at 6am I still hadn't had 1 minute of sleep and I would be competing in 2.5 hours in a memory tournament! Needless to say, at this point I almost had given up! At 6am, my girlfriend called me and calmed me down and then sent me to bed to GO TO SLEEP! I did just that and 70 minutes later I awoke to enter the toughest mental tournament I had faced up to that point.

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Ron White Demonstrating Memory Training in His Memory Class


Ron White one of Stan Lee's Super Humans demonstrating his memory after a short time in the class Feb 2011. Ron White is the National Memory Champion for 2009 and 2010. He is currently in training for the March 2011 National Championship to win a triple crown.

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Online Jigsaw Puzzle Game


Ron White Memory Expert and USA Memory Champion recommends this game! Okay, I have won memory tournaments but I after this I am wondering if there are jigsaw tournaments. This was an awesome online game! Now this is FUN and addicting! I do believe that working a jigsaw puzzle can help exercise your brain. I haven't worked a puzzle in years but once I got the hang of this it was addicting :) My time working this jigsaw puzzle was a little over 9 minutes and that was longer than the average. But since it was the first puzzle I have worked in years I just enjoyed the puzzle!

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BrainAthlete Radio with Jeff Cockrell of Dale Carnegie


BrainAthlete Radio is all about increasing your business through sales tools and keys to keeping up in the information age.  Jeff Cockrell is a Premier Trainer with Dale Carnegie Training.  Jeff shared several keys to increasing you sales in 2011 with the process they teach at Dale Carnegie.

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